Friday 10 February 2012


UPDATE!!!! I clicked on something to do with a new template and somehow,  got all my stuff back!!! 

I've lost the tab that lets me add a gadget etc. I've lost all the stuff I had down the side of my blog and there is no ability to change the new format back to the one I was very happy with thankyouverymuch.
I hate the look of my blog (that I had no control over). All because I was daft enough to click 'Try the new updated Blogger template or something like that. My music giaget has vanished. My clocks and my followers, all gone!! *SOB*
I didn't expect it to lose me most of my settings!! Of course, I've posted the problem on Blogger's help forum, but I'm not holding my breath for an answer.

In the meantime, my long suffering friends, here's another card I made this week...

 This little lad is having a 'buggy' birthday party.
(all things creepy crawly) and wanted a card with said creepy crawlies on it.
Can't say it's my favourite card, 'coz it's it's got a dobbing big spider slapped in the middle of it and when you open it too. *Shudder*!
But, the customer is always right, so I cracked on.
The spider is a lucky find at a craft shop in Derby. It's part of a Sizzix Sizzlets set that includes the spider and two bats. I'd been searching for a spider for days and was about to resort to my Cricut but luckily stumbled on the Sizzlets, (thanks to one of my mates pointing it out in the half price bin)! Yeah!

It will now come in nice and handy for any Halloween projects that take my fancy.

 Here is the inside
The spider paper is by Pink Petticoat.

Well, I'll be harassing my son when he comes to try and get my old Blogger sorted.
Back tomorrow with an update and another card.

Oh how happy I am to be back to 'normal'.


Unknown said...

oh dear grotters what yer like i told yer to stop pressing buttons now look whats happened...oh my dearest grotters i do so hope you can recover your lost blog layout..and sorry your peeded orff.. i wuld be the smae i hate change and even fright to hit the like button on FB lol!!! the card is brilliant dont like the spiders though hehehe im a right baby where spiders are concerned ....i wish i could help you out sweetie but im not a IT specialist...hope your son can help..sending love & big huggies sassy the old trout xxxxxx

Marisa said...

I've gone via blogger help and they were great! Hopefully you have the same experience - sons with computer savvy are great too. Hang in there! Hugs!

Jackie said...

That's why I don't press buttons Viv, it always goes wrong when I do!
Wonderful card and I'll bet he loved it :o)
Jackie xx

scrappekvinder said...

Beautiful card. I love it...

Lorie said...

Whew! Glad you got most of your blog back to normal! What a fun card to make, but spiders IRL!! NO WAY!! They scare the beejeebees out of me!!! This one actually looks pretty real, too! Eeeek!!!