Tuesday 5 July 2011

Peachy Keen stamp set winner!!

Hi everyone! I trust you all had a pleasant weekend, 
whether celebrating a Holiday, or just enjoying some sunshine.
I did some radical hedge trimming yesterday and I got stabbed in the thumb by a thorn! Ouch!
Our hedges are hawthorn and they are LETHAL!!! Who's daft idea was it to plant hawthorn hedges!!
What was wrong with privet for Heaven's sake! It makes a great hedge and doesn't attack you!
I won't be doing any more 'surgery' for a while, that's for sure! LOL
Onwards and upwards, as the saying goes. (what does that actually mean)?
It's time to pick the winner of my little give-away from last Tuesday and the winner is......

Congratulations Newbie! Please email me with your details by Friday 8th July.
Have a great week everyone (and watch out for thorns)!



Doris P. said...

awesome!! Congrat's!!

Beth Norman said...

Congratulations Newbie. For heavens sake, Viv, stay away from the thorns.