Tuesday 26 April 2011

Coming soon!!!

Please join us for a fabulous Royal Blog Hop in honour of the Royal Wedding!!!
6am EST, (which I THINK, means 11am BST)!

Don't forget your tiara!!!!



Marisa said...

I can only imagine all the buzz about the country with the up coming wedding! My daughter has it set for recording as it will be 3:00 a.m. here. Can't wait to see her dress and hairstyle and all the pomp and splendor :)

Beth Norman said...

I'm very excited to watch the royal wedding. My girlfriend is knitting the royal family. You must have heard about this craze. If you haven't, google "knitted royal family" and look under all the images. You can't miss them LOL.

Kim H said...

So funny because I have been thinking of you for 2 weeks now! I am SOOO EXCITED for Friday! I wanted to comment this week just to tell you I will be watching from the states(maybe with toothpicks in my eyes) and here to find out about a Royal blog hop! I will try to make it... how fun! I just wanted to stop by and see how excited you all are over there! I bet it is just CRAZY and FUN! I want to be there just to feel the excitement! Enjoy it because I know I will!

Carla said...

What an awesome idea.. I love it. I've got my alarm set for 4am!!! Hugs,