Sunday 29 November 2009

Here's a picture of Harvey...

It's hard work getting a decent picture of him as he won't pose properly at all.
I finally got this reasonable one after deleting about 20 rubbish ones.

He's got a really shifty look on his face here! Ha Ha!
That's one of my two cats Smokey, sitting with him.
He does look guilty, doesn't he!

Most of the time he's making the cat's lives a misery.

 All my pals love him to bits. He's SO cute.
Issy is all for kidnapping him! Yeah right.

Hope you like my fur-baby and if you see me on SCS as Harvey's Mum, you know who Harvey is now!

Viv xx


Donnas Den said...

He's great Viv. We have a dog too, Rex, he sleeps most of the time as he's geting old.

Bye for now,


eiyiyi said...

Ooooh, he's so adorable. I don't think he looks shifty, just a little put out about all the picture taking. I'll show his pic to our dog, Lucky and maybe it will convince him to sit long enough for a photo shoot! hugs, eileen

Nikki Foraker said...

hello! i'm Nikki and i'm on the PK design team with you ;o) your blog is sooooo pretty!!! and you are wonderfully talented! i look so forward to seeing your future creations!

BTW your furry babies are ADORABLE!!! i too am a "mom" to 2 kitties...simba (10) and Jinxy-Cedrika (2)

happy stamping,nikki

Janice W. said...

I was thinking he was looking a little shifty, but then I looked at both photos and noticed his ear was up in both pictures, so maybe that is how he always looks. He is cute! Someday I will post a pic of our fur babies. Thanks for sharing yours!
Hugs, Janice

Marisa said...

Thanks for the tip on your SCS name. Nice to put a "face" to the name LOL! Harvey is very cute (love the one ear that goes up) and Smokey is gorgeous. We have a cat so I'm a bit partial to cats. Thanks for sharing your "babies" with us :D

My Creative Time said...

Hello Miss Viv,
Thank you for your sweet comments! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, but that shape I used for my tags are from "Accent Essentials" I had to research that becuz now that I design everything w/my Gypsy, sometimes I forget which cartridge I am pulling an image from!! Your animals are adorable! I'll have to post a picture of my 2 dogs, Angel & Scrappy someday!!

issy said...

He looks like he's thinking she dont know what I done yet!! (lol) I cant believe he's acutually sitting next to Puss. He is just so adorable, full of mischief. and such a character it's now wonder I want to kidnap him.


Ps:- Do you know its rained nearly every day since you brought those dog walking wellies!!

Mrs Bs Blog said...

Your fur baby is soooo aborable. xxx

Leslie Miller said...

Awwwwww, your babies are so cute! I miss having a kitty. I think Wally would like a kitty. Your picture of the two of them together is so sweet! Melts my animal-loving heart into a puddle!

thread-bare said...

Aww he's adorable & so's your puddy tat xx Clare x