Tuesday, 28 April 2009

From the back of beyond!

Well it might as well be!!! It's taken us since Saturday to get a strong enough signal to be able to access me blog. We are on holiday in a little place called Dinas Dinlle near Caernarfon, Wales.
So if you're wondering that I've been abducted by aliens......nah, just can't get a decent reception for long enough to post much.
Harvey loves the beach as usual, hates the sea...as usual! LOL
Can't even put a picture up as the signal is too weak.

Hope you're missing me just a little! I will be back in business on Saturday or Sunday.

Ta ta for now!!! Viv xxx


Anonymous said...

`Enjoy` the rest of your holiday Viv..
Tara for now sweetie:)♥

Handcrafted With Love said...

Hiya Viv,

Well i'm sure that you are happy now that you can at least get a little access to your blog!!! I've sent you an email coz i'm sure that i'm going mad or even gone mad!

Have a great time and make the most of tomorrow as Wednesday is supposed to be the best day this week.

See Ya Soon Luvvi.
Pam xx

Jackie said...

Good to see you Viv, yes we are missing you a lot. Hope you are having a relaxing time and the arm is behaving. Hopefully see you soon :o)
Jackie xx

Frances said...

Hope the weather's better there than it is here Viv! Thanks for the link to that punch (like I don't spend enough anyway!) Enjoy your hols! Fran x

thread-bare said...

Good to hear you are having a great time away xx Clare x

icelady said...

'course you are missed, life int' the same without you :-))

Jennifer Meyer said...

Hi Viv :) Of course we miss you!! We all hope you are having a wonderful time with Alan & Harvey! Can't wait to see some pictures from vacation and hear how much fun you had!

Miss you, LOVE & HUGS,
Jennifer :)

Renee said...

Hi Viv! Can't wait to see some stamping! I've been sicker than a dog and haven't stamped at all but hopefully I'm on the mend!

Ila said...

Hi Viv...hope your having a great holiday!!...I wondered where you went to..yup...you're bein' missed!!...Hugs, Ila