Saturday 4 October 2008

Home from the holiday!

Hya Peeps!
Well we're back from windy Wales. Came back a day early as Alan was on his bike and the weather forecast said it would be rain and gales today, so we left yesterday and it was glorious! Typical! No sign of the winds and rain either. The 'Luxury' bungalow was a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but it was OK on the whole. My only gripe was the lack of decent bedding. Harvey loved the beach, as the slideshow will demonstrate.
(Had to do it in two stages, 'coz I can't get a slideshow to load with comments). Doh!
I did a lot of stamping and colouring, but got bored with it after a while. I didn't take any papers or card to make the images up into cards. I won't be leaving them behind next time. LOL I've enjoyed the break and watching Harvey run free, but I'm also happy to be home. Off to see what I've been missing on my favourite blogs now! :0)

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Natalie said...

Great to have to back Viv, glad you had a good holiday. x