Thursday 3 April 2008

Faux Stitching

One or two lovely people have asked me how to do faux stitching.
I don't know if my method is the correct one, 'coz all I did was look at someone's card and figured it out..(I think).

I have a Perspex ruler with the squares marked out in 5mm increments. A normal ruler will do as long as the spaces are about 5mm.
Put the ruler down the side of the card and prick a hole at 5mm intervals. Keeping the line straight via the ruler.
Do this on all four sides. (Bit obvious that, isn't it).lol
Take a pen with a complementary/contrasting colour and draw a line from one hole to the next, until all the holes have a 'stitch'. VOILA!
Please let me know when you've used it. I'd love to see what you come up with. :)


kerry said...

Ooh thanks Viv, I've seen this on cards but wasn't sure how it was done, will have to have a go.
Kerry xx

Diane.W. said...

You have solved a great mystery for me,lol,Thanx!!! :o)x