Monday 24 March 2008

Help please!

I've just ordered the Oval Nestabilities. I Have a Wizard (which I'm selling 'coz I can't get my head round it), A Sizzix and a Cuttlebug.
Which is the easiest to use on the Nestabilities and more importantly, does anyone know where there are instructions for use on these machines? Pam has ordered them. She has just the Sizzix so is sweating in case we can't find any instructions.

I've ordered the small ovals. Are these the optimum size for cards? I hope so or I've wasted me money!!!! Oeerr!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks Viv


Tracey said...

not sure what nestabilities are so will be watching this space to find out more

Gina said...

Well here goes, most people I know use their cuttlebug with nesties, any size is great because you WILL be buying more they are great, there is a great tutorial here it should tell you all you need to know but if you do get stuck at all go and ask Michelle at she is great on knowing about nesties. Hope this helps!! enjoy your new nesties :)
Gina x

Unknown said...

Here's a link Daffy!
They are a lot better than punches in that they are more storable and there are more sizes. :)

Thanks for your help Gina! It's much appreciated. Tara too. You are SO helpful.Luv

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

viv.. i see you got already help.
if you need more infos let me know.

you have to keep in mind tho that you will break a lot more plates with the cb. it really made me angry sometimes i had a brand new plate and it would break the first time using it.

so i sold my CB and use only the wizard now.

Unknown said...

Thank you Claudia. That's a great help. I don't want to risk my Cuttlebug plates, so will, I suppose, stick with my Wizard machine.
I WAS thinking of selling it, but might not now.