Tuesday 25 March 2008

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Busy day today.
Got the Sky man here at the moment. We're with Virgin Media at present but were offered a free Sky+ and a free installation foe coming back to them. Whoo hoo!!
I've had some help re the Nestabilities (coming today I hope).
The lovely Gina and Tara have sent me some great links and I truly thank them.
Now if someone can help me turn a name into a clickable link, I can send peeps to them directly.

Pam and I had a fantastic day yesterday.
We didn't actually make a card, but we descended on Craft Central in Congleton and bought a few bits *cough cough*. lol.
I got a bottle of Glamour Dust gold, a stack of six ColorBox chalk cat's eyes in a range of earthy colours, a Basic Grey paper pad in reds and oranges, another pad of patterened papers called Little Twinkle Toes, by Design House. Very cute!
A roll of DS tape. (Got TONS of rolls of this, but it's a great width for ribbon this one). Two rolls of ribbon in pink and gold. Daren't tell you how much ribbon I've got!! Hubby is going to make me a ribbon cabinet. Basic but functional.
My best buy was Two scoops/swirlie stamps from Basic grey. Can't WAIT to have a play with THEM!
Called at a newly opened craft shop based in a garden center on the way to CC.
It's still in the process of stocking up, so there wasn't much choice.
I got a couple of sheets of 12X12. (The pattern being small enough to get away with on a card). A craft knife by Fiskars that slots onto your finger! and two sheets of pictures suitable for standard cards. Phew!!

We came back to mine, had a bacon butty and set to stamping and watercolouring different Tildas. Hubby made us a curry and we kinda faded after that! Ha Ha.

Got my son and daughter-in-law over for a couple of days later today, so my crafting will be severely curtailed.

Well, I suppose I'd better go and make the Sky man a cuppa.
Have a truly happy day everyone!


Michelle Short said...

Hi Viv, glad you had a great shopping trip and bought lots of goodies! I hope your Sky gets sorted! Sorry I didn't see your message about the Nesties but glad Tara told you. I will e-mail you shortly! xx

Julie said...

Hi Viv, when you're adding a new post, the 3rd button along from the left, directly above the window you're typing in is "insert link". If you highlight the text you want to be clickable and then click the "insert link" button you'll get a pop up that allows you to add the web address that you want to send people to. Hope that makes sense. It's very easy to do but hard to explain, at least for a non techie person like me.

Julie said...

Hi Viv, just stopping by again to let you know I've given you an award. Please check my blog for details

Vicki May said...

Hi Viv, Can't help with problem as I'm new to this blogging too. Lot of mine is hit and miss, plus I get my Nicki to do it for me lol.
Sounds like you had a fab day yesterday, hopefully you'll get a bit of time to craft and we'll get to see on blog. Have fun today Vicki May x
Ps I've added your name to my best blogs.

Unknown said...

Aww thank you girls! You are SOO good to me.
I understand the instructions Julie, thanks, that's marvelous.
I am absolutely thrilled to bits that you chose me for the award. I can't thank you enough. :):):)

Vicki, I'm honoured that you've added me to your best blogs. :)

Handcrafted With Love said...

Well done Viv on your award .... you sure do deserve it.

Love Pam xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Chip, it's mostly down to you making me get my skates on.Luv