Monday 24 March 2008

Happy Easter Monday everyone

Pam is coming over today for a crafting 'sesh'. (Session). ;)
We will, of course, be visiting one of our very few craft shops at some point in the day. Assuming they are open!!! OH NOOO! What will we do if we can't have a 'fix' of some new craft goodies!! Ha Ha, it's not as if we haven't got most things out there! *rolls eyes and smiles*.

The weather here is lovely and sunny. No sign of the snow now. It's as if it had never been.
Well I'd better crack on. Don't want her to arrive before I'm even dressed!!
It's not a pretty sight. lol. Have a peaceful and happy day won't you.


Vicki May said...

oooo sounds like you've had a busy day. You should be back now from your shopping. I'll be back tomorrow to see what goodies you got. Hope there a little list or a photo Vicki x

Unknown said...

I've posted the list Vicki. Didn't go over the top this time. (Usually do)!!