Wednesday 18 February 2009

I'm armless!

Well nearly.....
I've got a trapped nerve in my neck which is playing havoc with my neck, arm and shoulder.
The pain is quite intense at times and is inhibiting me crafting!
Not a happy bunny.
It's even stopping me typing for too long as my arm really hurts in that position. That's one reason I've been quiet this past week or two. I'm seeing the physiotherapist at last and hope she sorts it out soon. I thought I had a frozen shoulder at first, as I can barely move my arm without wincing.

Right!! That's enough moaning from me.
On the camera front! Thanks for all your input which was greatly appreciated, but didn't help at all. LOL (You all had different ideas).
So I did what I usually do, I consulted the feedback on different cameras on Amazon, then when I found one with all the stars coloured in, I shot off to ebay and bagged meself a bargain.
I got a Sony Cybershot DSC-W30 for £31.51. It includes a battery charger and a 512mb memory card! It has loads of options that I haven't figured out yet. (That means reading the destructions, and I only do that when all else fails). :0)

On the card front, well I HAVE made a card or two,
but can't show 'em you yet!!
Oooh!! a Mystery! Hee Hee. All will be revealed in a few days.
All I can say for now is, it's very exciting, so please be patient. ;0)

Thanks for sticking with me. Viv xxx


Tina said...

OH my sweetie you poor thing.. i know exactly what you are going through.. i get it with the RH all the time... I do hope you are feeling better soon, i'm missing your cards... i know exactly what you are saying when you talk about typing... you could do with some of my painkillers... that would knock it on the head for a couple of hours. or rather knock you out..hehehe i am Thinking of you and wishing you get well soon sweetie.. Big Big Hugs Tina xoxoxoxox

Silke Ledlow said...

Oh no - Viv - I hope you will be better as well!!!

I loved your comment on my post today - I had to laugh out loud - LOL!!! I still makes me giggle!!!

Take care and stop by soon!!! Hugs ~S~

Diane.W. said...

Hope you are better soon Viv,take care :o)x

Natalie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Viv. x

icelady said...

I am sure that whatever you do whenever you can show us , will be as wonderful as always

Anonymous said...

Oh, Viv, it sounds like you are in a lot of pain. Please rest and get better! More time for surfing I guess. Sending hugs,


Jackie said...

Rooting for you Viv, sorry I can't take your pain away but hopefully the physio will have effect before long!
So pleased you managed to get a camera, look forward to seeing some pics from it :o)
Luv & hugs, Jackie xx

Stephanie said...

Oh dear :( *hugs* hope it's better now xxx

Ila said...

Oh My!! I hope your better now or soon at the very least...Take Care!!...Big Hugs!!...Ila