Friday 13 February 2009

I need your help!

I'm looking for a new (inexpensive), digital camera and I'd like to know what camera you would recommend.
My trusty Toshiba PDR M25 is giving up the ghost slowly but surely.
The colours aren't as true as they could be either.
Which one do you use to take pictures of your cards?
I need one that doesn't cost the earth, gives true colours and is easy to operate.
I need a boost too as I've had a rotten week and I'm feeling all sorry for myself.
I've had no time, or energy, to make any cards and if I don't get a fix, I get all grumpy.
It's mostly been hospital, doctor, physiotherapist, clinic appointments, shopping. (For Mum)!!!
I've been to hers every day this week for one thing or another.

I'm going to have a day off from everything tomorrow and just PLAY!!!
I've posted a new photo in my profile too. took it today. What do you reckon?
Well, it's getting late and I'm tired.
Let's see what tomorrow brings eh?
Look forward to your comments about which camera to choose!

Thanks for stopping by. Viv xx


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Sorry you've had a poop week x
Hope you get to 'play' tomorrow and cheer yourself up...I know what you mean, I get like that too! :)

btw...I have a Fuji FinePixF455...and love it!
Really easy to use...yes...even for me!! lol
Good luck :)

Els G. said...

Hi Viv, it was a bit weird not to see the 'familiar' picture, but I like this one too, although I think you laughed more on the former one?
Sorry to hear you're not feeling to well. I hope you get your energy back real soon. I bet having time to play tomorrow will cheer you up immediately.
I hardly ever use my camera for my cards. I use my HP Photosmart to scan my cards and it has a function with which I can adjust the colours. Two years ago I bought a Fuji Finepix camera, which is not too expensive, but takes great pictures and has a lot of different features.
Hugs from Belgium.

Elaine said...

I have a Canon PowerShot A570IS. It's pretty easy to use if you have natural light. I'm horrible with the flash part though. It was just under $300 when we got it a couple years ago. I bet it's even less now. Check Ritz Camera if you order online and use Ebates for an extra discount if that matters to you. :) They give you a $5 credit if you sign up with someone that referred you (i'll do if you want or aren't already signed up)...hope that helps! whew

Jackie said...

Oh poor Viv, I am thinking of you and hope that things improve now, they can't get worse can they!
Enjoy your playday and I look forward to seeing the results :o)
As for camera's, I have been using a Nikon Coolpix digital compact for mine. You've seen the pics and the real thing so you have a comparison. Go to a proper camera shop, not the big stores, and talk to them, tell them what you want it to do, price them up and then you can shop around for the particular model you want to buy :o)
Luv, Jackie xx

Jackie said...

Sorry Viv, I forgot to say I love your new piccie :o)
Luv, me again xx

Mandi said...

Aww sorry baout your week, where do they coemfrom!!{{HUGS}}

I love my camera too..Canon IXUS 970IS it was £100

Hope you can make a decision
Wishing you a betetr weekxx

Gina said...

Aww sorry you have been so down this week, hopefully things will perk up soon for you. Sorry I have no help on a camera, I use my mobile :)

Oh and not to forget great pic :)

Unknown said...

well would you adam and eve it ...where have you been hiding my old witchy friend.....its moi SASSY....gosh how i have missed you....thought youd fell owt not seen you around babes...see you love enya tooo....come on over to sassy secrets i need you lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! fabulous work as ever so beautiful huggles xxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

yeehaa!!!!!!!!! thought youd bogged oorf on yer broomstick......or stuck in the naughty made me day lovin your work as ever...i need a watermark..not in me pants though!!!! on my cards yep back to cards....twas getting expensive hopefully i will pick up some tips from yer heh lvs sassxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry youve had a bad week Vi..Hope your feeling better soon...
Enjoy your crfat time
`Take Care sweetie:)big(((hugs)))~X~....

Renee said...

Aww Viv I'm sorry you've had a bad week :( BIG HUGS friend :)
I have a Sony with a huge screan on the back and I love it. Sony is my brand for everything.


Linda Crowder said...
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Linda Crowder said...

My friend, I will send you my Easy Shot by Kodak to keep for a few weeks and play with it. I don't take pics very much and didn't have one for years, so I can gladly loan it to you for a while. I think you will love the ease of operation of the little camera and it has a great tripod and all the goods. I would love to do that for you and at least you will have one until you decide which one to buy. Just say the word. IT is a V530-R model. I have to wait until payday to have the postage however. That is the 25th. Hugs, Linda Crowder

Linda Crowder said...

Forgot, I love the new profile pic. The haircut is great! Or did you just change the style? Get some rest! You have too much stress, like the rest of all of us! (I hope that is all) Hug Mum for me! (Like the new music too)

Sue said...

Hi Hun sorry you have had a bad week, just ask hubbie as he we into cameras n he always lookin on net, he says the GE A735 its £49,99delievered from its 7 mega pixel camera, dont know how much you wanted to spend, hope that helps. sue.x

icelady said...

Hi Viv, love the new Pic, and hope you are feeling better soon.
I have a Pentax optio, its lovely and compact, and I normally get a good pic -----when my hand isnt shaking, lol