Tuesday 29 April 2008


I seem to have lost Monday!! Ha Ha. There it was gone!

Let me be a good girl (girl)!!! That's a laff!..........and do my 'Tag'.

  1. If a movie was being made of your life, who would you like to be cast to play yourself and why?
    Patty Dukes Austin We were dead ringers for each other when I was a lot slimmer!

  2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be & why?
    The first 2 weeks would be with Harrison Ford. Corrrr!
    The second 2 weeks I couldn’t care less ‘coz of the first 2 weeks!!!

  3. What are your three favourite crafting products?
    Ribbon, Tildas and I’m sneaking in Hangler and Stangler stamps even though I haven’t got a hope in hell of ever having one.

  4. If you could invent something to do anything what do you think it would be?
    A stamp machine where you feed a picture in one end and a stamp came out the other.

  5. What are the last three books that you read?
    Miss Purdy’s Class, The Narrowboat Girl and at present, The Water Gypsies.

  6. QVC or Create & Craft?
    C&C. (Only watch it now and again in case there’s any technique I might be interested in. QVC rushes too much.

  7. Docrafts or Dovecraft or DCWV?
    Hmmm. Some of Dovecraft, some of DCWV and a little dab of Docrafts.

  8. What is your claim to fame?
    Won the card competition on Rugby Crafts last year. That’s about as famous as I get I’m afraid.

Thank you Tara and Michelle. I will think who to tag later. Hmmm who will I choose)?


Unknown said...

Gina! How clever you are....IT WORKED!! Thank you. Viv xxx

Jennifer Meyer said...

LOVE the fun answers Viv, so you LOVE ribbon uh? Good I will send you some! :)

Hugs, Jennifer :)

Anonymous said...

loved reading your answers Viv:)xTFS:)

Michelle Short said...

Thanks for playing along Viv, loved reading your answers :0) xx