Saturday 29 March 2008

Alternatives to swearing!

Now we all swear don't we!
For instance 'Sewing', 'Ironing' (sorry).
Well I have some words that will stop you having to wash your mouths out with chocolate!
Try 'cloth piercing' and 'de-creasing'. Anyone got any others?
Haven't come up with an alternative to H******k yet!
All suggestions welcome. :)


Storm47 said...

How about 'Domestic Engineering' Viv - love ya blog petal.

Hugz Storm x

Anonymous said...

how about domestic serfing, lol

Gina said...

Hi Viv
You have won my Sketch challenge, well done, you were Daves choice of non sister. can you email me your address to
so I can get some candy off to you
Gina xxx