Monday 16 March 2015


Hi freinds.
No card today I'm afraid.
Just thought I ought to let you know that we are selling our house and moving to a bungalow in Wales.
I had no idea how much work was involved!!
I'm shattered! LOL
There's one room I can't do much with though and that's my craft room.
It is a mess, but to pack it all away would put me in hospital!
I just hope that anyone viewing our house can see past the wall to wall paper, card, stamps and punches! EEK!
I haven't time to make a card and I miss playing, but I need to keep everywhere as tidy as possible, 'coz it needs all the help it can get! LOL
We had our first viewing yesterday. (Mother's Day too)!
Still, we made ourselves scarce and told the lads not to come until after 1pm.
The viewing was positive and I can't believe we had one this quick!
The house only went on the market on Thursday!
I do hope it doesn't take forever as we're keen to move.
Keep your fingers crossed for us, won't you!


Unknown said...

I could of told you, haha, I think this will sell really quick. Xx

Marisa said...

Oh my, you are busy!! Fingers crossed the house sells quickly as it isn't fun living in "show home" state all the time!

Beth Norman said...

Congratulations on your move and on your successful showing.

When I moved last year into an apt., my son strongly said, "mom, this box says stamproom too" very strongly. Everyone helping us move coudn't get over how much stuff I had. It's not fun moving.

Patricia St Martin said...

So much work but just think you can get a great craft room even bigger.
Hugs Pat/♥

Kim H said...

Viv ~ I am sooo excited for you!! How wonderful you and the hubs!! Wait does that mean you aren't moving here?? Well now I am totally bummed! LOL! Any way ~ your post cracked me up!! Oh to pack my craft room would put me over the edge! I would leave everything else though! LOL! Best wishes!!!

Nancy said...

You know I wish you all the best with your exciting new adventure, my friend! But what's this about Wales??? lol ;o)

Leslie Miller said...

Well, good luck! I hope it sells soon so you can relax!

Debs said...

Hope the house sale goes well Viv and not too stressful!!
Debs xx

Jackie said...

I've got everything crossed that can be crossed Viv. Pam's got hers so now it's your turn :o)
Love and big hugs, Jackie xx

Kat W said...

Yay, exciting times! I hope you get a sale quickly and oh my gosh, I can't imaging trying to pack up my craft room stuff - eeep!

Big hugs, Kat xx