Monday 17 March 2014

Something completely different for me!

Hello friends.
WHOA!!! Shock horror!! Hubby's just tested the flippin' smoke alarms without telling me!!!
ARGHH! Nearly had a coronary!!
Phew, I've calmed down now...IDIOT!... Men!! LOL
Right back to the plot!  While I was wasting using time looking at things on Youtube, I happened to see a video for decoupaging a shelf thingy.
LOVED the papers so decided there and then that I wanted to do it too.
Went to see my best buddy and told her my plans.
Off we trotted to the craftshop and bought Mod Podge.
I already happened to have the Papermania tissue paper which I LOVE!!
Pam had a couple of Papermania boxes to play with ,so we did just that back at her house!
Now bear with me, 'coz this is my first attempt and it's all done after watching the YT video once!
HERE'S the video. 


 The gorgeous paper is from the 'Madame' Payraud' collection by Papermania.
It's a massive A3 sized sheet!
Now don't go rushing out to get it, 'coz it's all MINE, GERROFF!
Only kiddin'....not. LOL 
Right, I've got another project for this stuff I need to get on with.
Thanks for stopping by.
It's always lovely to 'see' you.


Marisa said...

This is fabulous, Viv! You go girl :) Think you may have youe Christmas gifts for others figured out here. Glad you didn't have coronary too ;)

Renee said...

Viv this is awesome!! I think you did a great job!
As for your hubby.....I know exactly what you mean haha never even a warning for anything loud!

PS my puppy is called "puppy sitting pnc" at the silhouette store.

snappy scrappy said...

Gorgeous, the alarm would've given me a heart attack!

Carol<>< said...

awesome, nothing like making something out of the
Carol N<><

Kim H said...

VIV ~ OMG you have me cracking up over here! This post is hysterical!!! First the alarm and men ~ DITTO! Then that paper EEK! I LOVE it and LOVE what you did with that box! Simply STUNNING! I want that paper... UGH! FABULOUS post and project!!

Sassy Raggedy said...

Goodness this is awesome. I love that paper and you did such a great job. I am going to check out the you tube video. I saw where the ladies on Duck Dynasty were going to do this but they were using old newspapers and they were doing their picnic table. lol I love this and you have really inspired me...Thanks so much, joann

Jackie said...

Brilliant box Viv, bet Pam's looks good too :o)
Jackie xx

Michelle Short said...

Looks gorgeous Viv, I bet you and Pam had a great time :) xx

Christine L said...

Oooh this is definitely FAB-U-LOUS Viv... and so different for you! Would have loved to have been there to play with the mod-plodge.... I remember having that first time around in about 2000... I was heavily into American crafts then and it was used lots to stiffen material to create fabulous bows on baskets and the like!

Big hugs
Christine x

Janice W. said...

Don't have a coronary Viv! Tell Allen to behave! I love your box that I got to see on skype! We need to skype again soon! Love you!

Diane said...

Very clever design Vivienne.

Hugs diane