Monday 10 June 2013


 I think I've been run over by bus!!!!

Well of course I HAVEN'T, but it FEELS like it!!
Hubby and I have been power washing and painting the decking this past two days and I've been the hod carrier etc!
We finally got the floor of the decking done, but the rails need doing now. Alan said he'd do then 'bit by bit' hmmmmm yeah right! lol

I've thrown all the dead stuff out of four planters and five troughs into collapsible containers.
Lugged 'em into the car from the back garden and unlugged 'em at the council tip (recycling centre).
THAT'S why I feel as if I've been run over!
(Plus the fact that that's THE most physical exertion I've managed in almost a year)!!
I am now taking 5 to re-charge my batteries and to remind you about the Peachy Keen SALE that's going on right now!
You have two more days to grab a bargain!!
Click the picture to take you to the store!

Right. Off to wander round Facebook for 10 mins 'till I have to go and paint the steps down from the decking.
Back soon!!!!!!


Marisa said...

Yes, our bodies to like to remind us about working them too much LOL. Will be well worth it once you are all done and can enjoy some lovely summer evenings on the deck :)

Beth Norman said...

Getting old is for the birds, as they say. It sounds like you are super busy. Hopefully you can soon kick back and relax and play again.

Jackie said...

OMG Viv, it's tiring me out just thinking about what you've been up to the last few days. Not surprised your are exhausted! :o)
Jackie xx

Get Crafty said...

Waah. This sounds busy! We wanted to add we totally love your 'Happy Summer' card published in your last post :)