Saturday 3 December 2011

Peachy Keen Design Team Call!!!

Yes, it's time to bow out and make way for new blood at Peachy Keen.
I've had the time of my life, made friends for life and met my heroines at the Peachy Keen workshop.

Thank you Peachy Keen for 2 and a half years of pure joy!
If you are interested in having a fabulous ride for the whole of next year, 
go HERE to the PK blog for all the details.

7 comments: said...

Gosh Viv! That came as a surprise.
Your stuff is so amazing, you're gonna be missed.
You've sure had a ball with PK and you've got to make some tremendous friends.
Great to look back on a wonderful time :D

Marisa said...

I'm sure you will be missed....

Kim said...

we'll still be looking for you on the quarterly hops my friend!

issy said...

Awe Viv, I looked forward to seeing your wonderful creations and colouring I will miss them.. (n how am I going to get me mojo going now.)

Im sure everyone will miss you.


Jackie said...

OMG Viv, what a surprise. You have been a great asset to the team and I know they will all miss you!
Love, Jackie xx

Cindy :) said...

Well we know you will still be around PK here and there, good thing, your creations over the past 2 yrs have been fabulous. It's a great opportunity for others to have a chance, and this would be a dream come true for me, however my blog is only 2 mths young so I will try next time and the time after that, etc, until I hopefully get to be on this fantastic team someday!! :)

jjlarson said...

I just recently turned in my application and am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to be part of the upcoming team. I have been taking a few minutes to check out the blogs of all of the current team members and can see that you are all going to be hugely missed. There is some great talent on the team and you are no exception. Beautiful work!
Jami Larson