Tuesday 22 November 2011

Alfie's Christening

What a great day it was too!
(Apart from the vicar nearly drowning Alfie)! Ha Ha!
Here he is...
 No-one remembered to bring a camera except Alan and as I was up on the 'stage' I couldn't take any until after, when I got these.
How daft were we all!

 Here's Alfie and Tegian, my grand-daughter holding hands while marching around the church.
 It was SO funny when the vicar Baptized him. He got a handful of water and practically, threw it over him! He was soaking wet! He did it three times! We were all hysterical laughing.
Alfie just stayed in the vicar's arms smiling his head off. 
He couldn't be less bothered! Ha Ha

The service was lovely. There were play packs for the little ones.
(Clever way by the Church, of making sure there weren't any disruptions)!
The weather was beautiful. A clear, not too cool, sunny day. 
We went back to BJ& Claire's for a buffet and a chat.
All in all, a lovely day was had by all.
It was just a shame that Paul, my second son, was full of flu, 
so as soon as the ceremony was over, went back home to bed.
Fell better soon Paul!
Here's the card I made for Alfie!
(Almost forgot to put it on)! lol

It's almost the same as the one I did for Teigan, but the Nestie die I used for the ribbon is plain, 
whereas on Teigan's it was the curly one.
Right, off to get some more Christmas cards made.
Have a peaceful and pleasant day.


Marisa said...

What a precious event :) and what a cutie! Glad he went with the flow (no pun intended LOL) and the weather cooperated. Love the card!

http://acraftynutter.blogspot.co.uk/ said...

Looks like a joyful day Viv ;o)
And lovely photos to treasure.
Your card is beautiful!!!

issy said...

It looks like you had a ball... Im glad it stayed fine for the christening... I cant belived how much they have grown. I love em at this age though...


Jackie said...

Oh Viv, they look so delightful holding hands, what lovely photographs, and the card is perfect :o)
I am sooooooooooo looking forward to seeing you and Pam and the rest a week on Sunday YAYYY
Love, Jackie xx