Sunday 13 June 2010

Oh BOY! Have Peachy Keen got a treat for you!

I don't know where to start with this story!! Ha Ha.
I've had a rubbish 6 months as most of you know. Losing my Mum just before Christmas.
Being diagnosed with breast cancer in February and am still undergoing treatment at present.
Not the best of times, but it could be worse.
(Well it was a surprise for ME too). I have been paid the biggest compliment EVVAH!!!
I'll say no more for now, but I WILL tell you........Peachy Keen are about to release a brand new stamp set. Ok, they do that a lot, so what's the big deal this time? Well I'll tell ya........ON TUESDAY!!
Yep! I'm a horrible person for keeping you in suspense. LOL
I'm not going to tell you any more for now, but here's a sneak peek....

Does anything in this picture remind you of anyone?........Hee Hee  

I will tantalise you with another Sneaky peek tomorrow and on TUESDAY, all will be revealed both here and at Peachy Keen when you will see this whole fabulous set! (I will be giving one away as blog candy too). Whoo Hoo! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the next sneaky peek!

Bye for now!
Viv xxx


Suzi Mac said...

Now Viv, I recognise that little nose. Could it possibly be Oliver Twists Brother, it can't be Oliver, cause he's with you. Mmmm...... interesting. Look forward to seeing the other previews before the launch.
Hugs n love
Suzi x

Christine said...

Hi Viv am shocked at hearing of your illness..yep I been a bad blog sound like one very strong willed woman & know you will get thro it..the same thing happend to me 6yrs ago same time Feb..will def. be a better visitor..& cant wait to see the rest of your NEWS..

Hugs Christine xx

Love crafts forever said...

Is that your puppy???????????
Hugs, Nataliya.

Janice W. said...

Viv you are such a doll! Love you!

Marisa said...

If I remember correctly, you have a little fur baby who may now be in stamp form??!! How fun :D

Of course, with you baiting us so horribly, we will be sitting on the edges of our seats waiting to hear all about it LOL! ((((hugs))) to you, Viv :D

Donnas Den said...

Is it you and your doggie? Hope you're feeling ok.

Take care,

Donna xx

Beth Norman said...

Indeed you have had a terrible six months. It sounds like you're excited about this new release. I'm home now so I can visit you every day again.




First of all, I'm so sory for all of your sadness. But it sure sounds like a happy time for you right now. Your excitment has for sure rubbed off on us!! Looks like it might be a beautiful dog like you have. We will see soon..
God bless you..
thanks for sharing,
hugs and prayers to you,

Viv said...

Looks like a doggy nose to me!
Hope you are keeping well Viv, you have had a rough time and its great to see you so positive!
Viv xx

Miss Giebel said...

omgosh Viv, I am so excited to see what Peachy Keen has created in your honor! The little sneak peek looks super adorable!!
Big hugs to you! You're in my prayers and thoughts always!!

KathyJ Peachy Keen Stamps said...

BAH HA HAH HA HA.. I know what it is!! LOL.. Love your tease! You are so fun and too cute for words! Love and Hugs, Your Friend, Kathy

My Creative Time said...

whooohooo!! SWEET Viv!! That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to say too much!!;)

Jackie said...

Now I know I'm getting old! I commented on this last night but I must have pressed a wrong button somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never mind, I'm here now.
Viv, you are norty to tease us like this with Harvey's nose, it must be Harvey, looking forward to being enlightened :o)
Jackie xx