Tuesday 21 July 2009

I've got an award!

This award was given to me by the sweet and wonderfully talented Sonia from Scraps 4 Fun.
(Go along to her blog and you'll see for yourself).
I'm thrilled and delighted and my head has swollen such a lot. LOL
I'm supposed to pass this along to 10 other deserving bloggers.
Well, the most deserving bloggers to me, are those who visit my blog and as you are here reading this, you are one of them, so please take this award with my blessing.
Sonia, you've made my day girl!!!!


icelady said...

Thats sweet of you Viv, thanks, i actually managed to get it in the right place on my blog too :-)

Jennifer Meyer said...

Congratulations Viv, we LOVE you!!

Hugs, Jennifer :) x0x0