Thursday 2 July 2009

I seem to have a mystery problem

Has anyone had a problem with blogs lately. You know, scrolling down them and then all of a sudden, it freezes and refuses to work.
Internet Explorer of even Fire Fox telling you that it's not responding?
I've realised that it only seems to happen on blogs with a music player!!!

I've found only one cure!!! I've taken mine off and now have no problems.
Do you think the music industry has done something to sabotage the music players?
Whatever the reason, I've lost my lovely music....for now!

Thanks for listening. Viv xx


Christine said...

Hi Viv I did have a prob but removed my PLAYLIST & it seems OK now, but other peeps blogs are freezing but maybe they still have the dreaded playlist.

Christine xx

issy said...

Viv I have this problem, but I do not have a playlist on here.. I thought it was because I have a mystery follower (that I cant delete)


Jackie said...

That's what was happening to me Viv, but all those who have removed the playlist are fine now!
Jackie xx

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

I had the same problem ages ago and removed my 'Playlist' ...seems ok now :)
Mind you...I had a scare earlier when my 'dashboard' kept telling me I wasn't following anyone!!!!!!! It was almost an hour before they all returned...thankfully!! ^.^

Verda said...

Oh Viv I miss your lovely music too. I wondered why there was no music lately and was going to ask but thought perhaps you were just having technical problems and it would resume.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I never had a problem with yours, but I do some others. And I really don't like having the music on the blogs anyway because it's usually too loud, and I'd rather be listening to music on my computer than at each site I visit.

Karen Wilson said...

Hi Viv! I've been on a couple lately that don't have the music, and it's doing it on theirs to. I find if you get that msg and it boots you out, I arrow back to the site and most of the time, that works!

Lauretta See said...

I had the same probleme... took out my play list also.. and the problem seemed fixed.. and then the next day.. it started back again :( So whenever the messege logs me out.. i just clic on diagnose the problem.. i wait little.. i see the page open up in the back ground.. and just clic on cancel.. i then can look at all i want on the blog.. but there is one thing i notice.. the blogs that have the live traffic feed ( my emplacement has changed .. and is not the right place anymore..) said...

Thought it was only me it happened to...giggle