Tuesday 23 June 2009

A big thank you from Mum

(Slideshow now on my sidebar) ;0)

Here's Mum in her new home showing off all her gorgeous cards. Here they are, please excuse my rubbish photography skills! She doesn't look 90 does she!

She can't get over how she's got all these cards from people that don't know her, bless her. (She called the internet the hairnet at one point)! She has asked me to pass on her grateful thanks for taking the trouble of making and sending her these lovely cards. They will live in her memory box next week. She'll have shown them off for 3 weeks then!!! LOL

I've made a slideshow of all her cards. (Don't know how to add it to this post, so it's above it).

Iwould like to send my sincere thanks individually to.......

Carol (not got a blog….yet)!
Dizzy Di,
Sassy Sue,

There are still two or three yet to arrive and I'll add them when they do. ;0)
Thank you most sincerely my lovely blogging buddies. You are amazing.

((Big)) hugs Viv xxx


Jackie said...

Great slide show Viv, didn't Mum do well with all those lovely cards bless her :o)
Jackie xx

Unknown said...

fab slide show me luverly and what a delightful new home and your mum looks as nice as you....isnt she looking good...sending her a hug...you can have one to gone a bit sloppy today lol sassyxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Renee said...

I see my card!!!!! I'm so glad she got it! I bet she was so excited to get all those hand made cards! What a cute grandma!

Crazy For Scrapping said...

Oh I am sooooo glad she liked them all, they all are beautifully done, Beautiful cards for a BEAUTIFUL Lady. Thanks for sharing with us the picture of your Mum and her cards.

Natalie said...

You are very welcome Viv, I am so glad your mum liked the card, she got lots of lovely ones. What a nice flat too, thanks for sharing these lovely photo's of your mum. x

Unknown said...

Awww bless your mum, she is looking great for 90, never would have thought it, she looks fabulous. So glad she liked her cards and her flat looks beautiful.

Hugs to you both

Ila said...

Your Mother is Beautiful!!...and
doesn't even close to 90 yrs old!! Her new flat looks likes a lovely place....All the cards are so Gorgeous...Thank you so much for Sharing this Viv!!...Hugs, Ila

Anonymous said...

I am glad she got my card!!!! love your mom's happy face... she is beautiful!!! HUGS...SK :)

Lorraine said...

Great slide show. Your Mum looks amazing for 90 I wish her well. Hugs x Lorraine

http://acraftynutter.blogspot.co.uk/ said...

Such lovely cards Viv :0)

Linda Crowder said...

Still can't SEE your blog when I open it, but I scrolled around and accidentally found the POST A COMMENT spot! I love the flat for your Mum..and she is so pretty today! She received so much love with those cards. thanks for sharing...made my day! Glad to see all your cards too! Your blog is a delight! I am glad to be able to type again as the tendon is healing in my hand. Still no use of left thumb, but it could and was, worse! Thanks for all you do!

Jennifer Meyer said...

Beautiful cards Viv, LOVE the pictures of your mum's NEW place!

Have a wonderful weekend! LOTS of hugs, Jennifer :)