Sunday 3 May 2009

I'm Home!!!

Well Wales was as beautiful as ever, but BOY did it RAIN!!!! Cats and flipping dogs every day....except the day we came home! We were more or less confined to the 'van for the most part.
We couldn't visit indoor places because we had Harvey with us and there were no outdoor attractions due to the bad weather. Never mind, Harvey and I had a stroll on the beach every day when there was a break in the black clouds.

He LOVED looking out of the window to the road at the side. dog and people watching!

Tiring work all that watching!

Yes? Can I help you?

Typical!!! We're going home and the sun comes out!!!

Look at that blue sky!!! It's been grey all week!
(But we did have the coast mainly to ourselves)!

It's good to get away, but it's good to be home!
Keep in touch as I've got news of the latest Stamps ans Smiles release!!!
(I'm late 'coz of being on holiday, so I bet you already know)! Doh!
Thanks for visiting and missing me!! Viv xxx


Jackie said...

Sorry it was a wet holiday Viv, but very pleased you are back, you were missed :o)
Oh those lovely piccies of Harvey, Bless :o)
Jackie xx

Handcrafted With Love said...

.... Never mind if the weather was a bit naff Viv at least you had a break and some time alone with Alan and Harvey!!! ;-)

Love Pam xx

Beth Norman said...

Welcome back Viv. I picture it raining in the UK a lot! Hey, I just started watching a UK show that shows people renovating old fallen down, decrepit, buildings and turning them into a living space. Just saw one done in Wales. Donnie and I really like this show. The old historic buildings are so pretty and inspiring. You are so lucky to live in the UK.

Anonymous said...

glad you are home safe and sound. It seems Harvey enjoyed it too! Thanks for the cute pics. He is so photgenic! Wales looks wonderful. I hope you post more photos soon. And I am personally glad to have you back so I can bug your blog! lol Linda Crowder Dallas TX USA
PS Blogger won't let me post comment to my Google acct, so I am having to try the anonymous one. I don't know if everyone else has problems but it is odd you have no comments on this post... sorry..

mckinkle said...

Shame you had bad weather but Harvey loved it anyway! The photos are great! Glad your back to blog tho!
Keryn :D

Jenny Gropp said...

That little pooch is adorable!!!!

thread-bare said...

What a shame your holiday was so wet, but glad you got a change of scenery xx

Clare x