Monday, 9 March 2009

What a great day?

I had Pam, Jackie, Sandra, Diane (Dizzy) and Pauline (Not got a blog yet), over for a fun day yesterday!
Boy did we have a great day!
Harvey thought it was Christmas with all his admirers here. LOL

It started off with the obligatory and now customary bacon butties.
(sandwiches)and a mug of tea/coffee.
Then, the also obligatory, visit to the craft shop!

Pam and I had pre-ordered the Quickutz Squeeze with alphabet and had to pick them up at the Poynton shop we habituate. (They were £20 bar a penny)! What a bargain!!!
They included two wallets to house the alphabet dies and spare shims and foam squares.
We would have gone to our favourite one in Congleton otherwise.
(We'll take them next time).

Well when we got back, it was lunchtime, so we had quiche that Jackie brought and cake that Di brought.
A bit different from the usual lunch, but we were still a bit stuffed from the bacon butties.

Now it was crafting time!!!....only my shoulder was playing up so much, I couldn't settle to anything, so just enjoyed myself wandering between rooms watching what everyone was doing.
I think Sandra and Jackie managed to complete a card, but we were gass bagging and laughing too much to get a lot done. There was a lot of stamping of images too.

Then Pam had to go and pick her daughter up from work, take her home and come back in time for tea. (No mean feat as it was a long journey over the Pennines).
Still, she did it and we had a fantastic curry that was cooked by my dear hubby.
(He cooks all our scrummy Chinese meals and that's why I look like a beached whale now)! I can't say no!! Then trifle that I'd made and a stawberry terrine made by Pauline. I LOVE that terrine.

More laughs and mess making, then all too soon it was time to wave Bye Bye to the gang.
Never won't be long before we all meet up at another's house for more of the same. ;0)

Back soon! Viv xx


Anonymous said...

Oh My sounds like you all had a fab day!!!
Friends... food ... crafting and laughs
oh and a good husband that can cook...
What more could a woman ask for...
Have a lovely Tuesday Viv:)♥ said...

Viv's not wrong there :o) A fabulous day it was indeed!

Jackie said...

And heaven it was too :o) No crafter could ask for better, good company, good food, lots of laughter, and I went with Pam to pick her daughter up from work as I wanted to take photographs on the Cat & Fiddle road, even got some with a bit of snow :o)
Thank you for alowing us to trash your home Viv and Alan :o)
Jackie xx

icelady said...

oi what happened to my bit of peanut brittle Viv, yer never shouted to say there was some going,lol.
It was a perfect day, and you and Alan are stars to put up with us all

Frances said...

sounds like you had a fab time (& I love how you started off with food and it was a running theme through out - right up my street ;) ) Glad my last post made you laugh . . panto?! maybe the sentiment on my card should have been "he's behind you"!

As for the pin . . I made it with metal 'head pin' and various beads. xx

thread-bare said...

Wow Viv, sounds like you all had a fantastic day xx How lucky for you to have crafting friends so close to you xx