Tuesday 13 January 2009

Two awards for me!

I've been honoured to receive TWO awards today from Natalie.
I've also received them from another of my favourite crafters, Michelle!

Thank you Natalie and thank you Michelle! You've both made my day.
I feel really blessed to receive these from such talented crafters.

Here they are and the rules are quite simple.....or so you would think!
'Pass on to seven people'!! Have you seen my blog roll!!!
Everyone on there, is there for a reason. I rate their blog highly....
so these awards go to everyone on my blog roll........
You are not there for nothing! :0)


Natalie said...

You are very welcome Viv, I love your blog and your cards are fabulous. x

Linda Crowder said...

The awards are as pretty as your cards are. You deserve them. Linda Crowder Ferris TX (only 2 more days! ) USA

Michelle Short said...

Hi Viv, I have sent you these awards too! xx