Monday 5 January 2009

A New Year and a Wedding.

Happy New Year!

I've finally recovered from my youngest son's wedding last Friday.
The day was perfect in every way.
(Well apart from me looking like a beached whale
and needing the hot-line to slimming World)!
Here are some 'snaps' of the day that we took.
The official pictures will take about 3 weeks.

Took this of BJ just after he'd put his wedding suit on. *gulp*.
Isn't he gorgeous!

My Mum. She was 90 on 12th December!

Here's me, the one in black. Yeuk!
(I thought I was the bee's knees 'till I saw the photos).
This was taken as we were all gathering outside the register Office.
The background isn't brilliant, but then these are just quick snaps.

Claire with her bridesmaid/maid of honour
after stepping out of her white Roller.

Her dress is beautiful, but you can't see it very well on this 'snap'.

My youngest Grandchild Oscar. Awww isn't he just the CUTEST!

Signing the register.

This is BJ & Claire getting their marriage certificate.
(The lady clapping is the Registrar).
You can just see the side of my Hubby's head on the bottom left of the picture.

Wishing them both Health, Wealth and Happiness!!
Thanks for stopping by. Viv xx


Handcrafted With Love said...

The photo's are lovely Viv and I cannot wait to see the professional ones. I know that we had a good time and i'm sure that everybody else did too. Congratulations B.J. & Claire and here's to many years of happiness together.

Love Pam xx

Ila said...

The photos are Fabulous!..your son and new daughter in law look Beautiful together!....Thanks so much for sharing!!...and I think you look Gorgeous and very classy girl!!!...Hugs, Ila

Diane.W. said...

Oooo Thanx for showing us Viv!!!
I like a wedding!!!
You look very nice,don't be tough on yourself!
Claire's dress is gorgeous & BJ looks dapper too,lol!!!
Glad all went smoothly,best of luck to the happy couple :o)x

Unknown said...

Lovely photos Viv, thanks for sharing. They make a handsome couple and you do look the bees knees! And your mum, bless her and your cutie pie grandson. Glad to hear you had a good day and everything went well.


Suzanne said...

Oh Viv I love a wedding and yours (well your son and his partner) looks lovely. Hopefully we will get to go to one later in the year when our friends daughter gets married. Sue :o)

Linda Crowder said...

You are always the bee's knees. Do they really have them? Knees, that is? The pics are great. Thanks for sharing, and just look at mum and 90 years old...doesn't look a day past 20! Love to all, Linda Crowder TX

Natalie said...

Happy New Year Bev. Thank for sharing your lovely photo's, looks like you all had a great day. x

icelady said...

Stop being so hard on yourself Viv, you look just great, and BJ and claire look so happy what a lovely day you must have had, cant wait to see the rest of the pics, love sandraxxxxx

Jackie said...

Viv you look very smart and nothing like a beached whale at all, give yourself a break!
BJ looks very smart and Clare's dress is beautiful.
Like the others, can't wait to see the official pics. Your Mum looks wonderful :o)
Jackie xx

Jennifer Meyer said...

Hi Viv :) The pictures are wonderful! I see everyone but you... LOVE the pictures and thanks for sharing them with all of us!! Hope you enjoyed the day, wish I could of been there!

Hugs always,
Jennifer :)

Tina said...

Viv Wow what a day thank you so much for sharing your very special Mum day with us, my gosh i bet there were tears....... She looks absolutely stunning but so did you girl, no more talk of BW's please.... i feel like that sometimes but refuse to say You look very sophisicated in your gorgeous hat sweetie... congratulations on gaining a daughter... i can't wait till Ash does this, i'll be a Mum to two at long last...hehehe Big Big Hugs Tina xxx

Michelle Short said...

The photos are lovely Viv, thanks for sharing them with us. I hope all had a lovely day and I wish your son and his new wife and lifetime of happiness together xx

Anonymous said...

`Beautiful` beautiful photos Viv..Priceless...
Lots of love Health and Happiness
To you and your beautiful family always:)~X~