Wednesday 21 January 2009

Hug Award for Me!

'This award is given to you in appreciation of your lovely and witty comments and for always knowing the right thing to say at the right time....'
I received this honour today from Ikki.
Thank you so much Ikki.
It means a lot to know you thought of me.
Nominate 10 people who fit the criteria,
link them on your blog, go tell them.
(I will have a hard time choosing as you ALL fit the bill).
I renaged on the last two awards but will bite the bullet
and nominate:

(Awww, how do you get them to line up properly)?

I'm hopeless at keeping the typing in order.

Soetimes there are huge spaces between lines, sometimes not, I don't get it.

Oh well, I suppose I may become a tad competent in time...yeah right! LOL


Natalie said...

What a lovely award, thank you so much for thinking of me Viv.

Natalie x

Tina said...

Ohhhh Viv you really made me smile, thank you so very much.... i really am so honoured you thought of me this way..... Big Crafty Hugs Tina xxx

Renee said...

Hi Viv! Thank you for the sweet award! For some reason I can't post it!! It's happened with a couple other awards I've gotten also. Any ideas???? I've tried cutting and pasting and I've tried saving it on a word file like I've done before but it won't work!!


Ila said...

Congrats on the well deserved Award Viv! and Thank you So Much for thinking of me!!'re not alone...I can never get them to line up either..LOL....Have a Great Day!..Hugs, Ila

Linda Crowder said...

Sweet Viv. I am in tears as I write to say thanks for passing on this honor to me. You know of my troubles lately and I couldn't have ask for a better and more caring person. This is why, my friend, that people would read your blog if you typed upside down....Hugs to you too, hundreds of them! Linda Crowder Dallas, TX

Linda Crowder said...

I also want to say thanks for the soothing music you provide with your blog...always is a nice surprise....I kept forgetting to tell you and today it meant even more...Thanks for all you do!

Cindy Haffner said...

Viv I have the same problems with my blog, the more i try to fix.... the bigger mess i make. Oh I wish I wasn't so computer challenged.

Thank-you for the award, you are so sweet to think of me. Hugs Cindy

Karen said...

AAAaaawwww thank you for thinking of me. It's lovely. I'm honoured.

Love Karen xxx