Tuesday 18 November 2008

Not a happy bunny at the moment

I wonder how many of you think I've emigrated!
I've had a really stressful two weeks with Mum and haven't had the inclination to blog.
I've not made any cards as I can't get my mojo working at all.
Mum has had her cataract removed and the aftercare is high volume.
To top it all off, my blog candy went to the wrong address and the PO took 10 days to get it back to me.
I am ashamed to admit, with Mum needing looking after, I've only just managed to re-send it.
I feel really bad about this and what should have been a pleasure for the winner has turned sour.
I'm so sorry Eve!!! It will be with you very soon.
Feeling quite down at the moment and only hope I can get back into the swing of things soon.
Hope I haven't depressed anyone. LOL


Diane.W. said...

Awwww,Viv!!!! I need you to make me laugh!!!Don't be sad,it's a horrible place,I was there last week! :o(
You need to find some me-time & you will get your mojo back & cheer up.
Hope your mum gets better soon,bless her.
Sending you huge hugs & kisses,take care (xxxxx) :o)xxx

Tracey said...

Sending you loads of ((((hugs))) and hoping you feel like your old self soon

Eve said...

Arrhh bless you, dont worry at all! I understand darling!!
Feel better soon and start making some lovely cards again!

Unknown said...

Oh Viv hun, I really feel for you, I know what its like to be in a dark place and I can only give you the advice I have been given so much the last few months, make sure you get some 'me-time'. Hope your mum is feeling better soon and you could never depress anyone, you are always so cheerful.

Keep your chin up, thinking of you


Jackie said...

Oh Viv, you have no need to worry what people think of you, they all understand so stop beating yourself up!
You know my thoughts are with you,
Luv and hugs,
Jackie xx

Anonymous said...

Aw `Viv Hope your feeling better soon!!!`Keep Smiling` look forward to seeing you creating again..Dont worry it will be back b 4 you know it!!!:)~X~`

Oma said...

I hope you and your Mum are feeling better soon! Sometimes ya just gotta have some me time.

Michelle Short said...

So sorry to hear you are not having a good time at the moment Viv, I hope your mum is ok and that you are too and get some 'me' time soon. Sending BIG hus xxx

Karen said...

Hope things get better for you better soon Viv. Missing your cards.

HUGS love Karen xxx

Gina said...

Aww Viv, I hope you feel a bit brighter today, and that your mum gets better soon,
Lots of hugz
Gina xxx

Renee said...

So sorry you're feeling down :( It's good to vent every now and then so hopefully now you're feeling a little better :)

Sending hugs to brighten your day...


Linda Crowder said...

I am so sorry you are so bummed out. I really do understand. Stress can do a number on you. And caring for someone else is right up at the top of the stress level. I've been both, the care giver and the care receiver. Most of us understand, as it is probable that most of us have been one or the other, or both. God bless your kind heart, and I hope you get better really soon. Keep your chin up! Linda Crowder

Jennifer Meyer said...

Hi Viv, just stopped by to say hello & tell you I was thinking of you! Sorry to hear things are not going smoothly for you, please know I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts & prayers!

Hugs & kisses,
Jennifer :)