Saturday 9 August 2008


I have smacked my own wrist for not blogging since coming back from Hampshire.

I don't really know what the cause was.

I think my mojo went on holiday.

I've been re-energised by Jennifer though!!!

Just LOOK at the gorgeous RAK I received from her

in the post this morning!!
*Great big smile*

I am SO lucky to receive such lovely doggy themed gifts from a lovely person.

totally unexpected and totally AWESOME!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH JEN for putting this huge grin on my face.

I will return your kindness soon my friend! :)

I will also post the stuff I made while I was in Hampshire.

Didn't do much...too busy laughing and stamping.


Natalie said...

What great goodies to receive. x

Jennifer Meyer said...

Hi Viv, you are so sweet! I am happy you like all of your NEW goodies, enjoy!

Big hugs my friend!
Jennifer :)