Saturday 28 June 2008

Happy Saturday!

Well it is for me! Paul called in this morning with two of my grandsons, Eric and Oscar.

The youngest, Oscar, brought his brand new Thomas the Tank Engine roller skates!!!

He's only 3!!!!! Awwww bless him. Ha Ha. They are sooo CUTE! (Wish I'd taken a photograph now, Grrrr).

Anyway, when they were leaving, for the first time EVER..... he said 'kiss Nanna'!!

I always had to ask for a kiss and all I'd get was a very polite 'no'. ;0(

I was in tears!!! So was Paul! He said that's the first time ever, he's offered a kiss in this way.


And THEN, he opened his arms and said 'hug Nanna'. Weeell, I was blown away! (Almost sobbing by this time). LOL

So, I'm a happy Nanna this morning thanks to Oscar!

On a different note.... I thought I'd share a little something with you all today, a bit different from the norm.

VERY homespun, but servicable.

The stamp club I belong to, the Derby Dabblers, asks peeps to bring a name badge with them.

Only one or two had one and for a bit of fun, I made one.......

I got orders for 18!!!!! Think they must have liked 'em. ;0)

They are just stamped, watercoloured, punched out, laminated and voila!

As I say, a bit homespun, but that's the fun of them.

I still need to punch two holes yet for a lace, or ribbon or maybe a safety pin.

That's where I'll be, all day tomorrow. Can't wait. I love spending the day at the Dabblers..crafting and meeting up with great friends.... perfect!

Back soon!

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Jennifer Meyer said...

Well these are the sweetest name tags... I hope you can make me one, hehe :)

Sweet story Viv, so glad you got some hugs and kisses.

xoxo Jennifer :)