Wednesday 9 April 2008

The end of a day and a half

Had rather a stressful day today. Went to take Mum shopping and put her hair in rollers, ready for her Thursday outing tomorrow.
Not to go into fine detail. I was tired by the time I'd been in two supermarkets and walked with Mum at a snail's pace. (She's 89 bless).
By the time I'd emptied the car and got her settled, I was about all in.
We had a 'misunderstanding' and ended up shouting at each other which really upset both of us. Anyway, it's left me feeling like a wrung out rag, so I'm hoping the lavendar essential oils in the bath I'm running. will help soothe me and bring my stress levels down to manageable proportions!!LOL

I went to my dear friend Pam's
yesterday and we did really well. I made three cards and she made four!!!!!
We had to bring all the craft gear down to the kitchen so we 'managed' with only a bit of her stash.

Here are my efforts for the day. What do you think?


Frida Carina Andersson said...

very nice cards! I love to do that aswell but havent had the time in a while now...

Anyways, nice page! =)


Gina said...

hope your bath has done the trick :)
great cards, wish I had someone to craft with, you seem to get more done :)
Gina xx

Suzanne said...

Hope you are feeling a little less stressed.. it can be very difficult with elderly parents sometimes!! your cards are lovely how nice to have a friend who likes doing the same things. Sue :o)

My Paper World said...

Great cards Viv! Hope your feeling less stressed now!
Nicola xx

Jennifer Meyer said...

Darling cards Viv, hope you are feeling better and your bath made you feel better! :) Just stopped by to say hello and let you know I was thinking of you!

Hugs, Jennifer :)

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

hi viv..
looove your new card!

thanks for visiting my hanglar blog.
yes.. you have probably seen most of them (the first one is new tho) i had acidently deleted my blog cause i wanted to move it to wordpress and no i had to start all over again :-)
sorry for the confusion

Natalie said...

These are lovely Viv, I find card making so relaxing, a great way to de-stress. x

Andrea, said...

3 fab cards Viv, love the doggie

Anonymous said...

I think thay are all lovely..Glad you had a great time:)x

Michelle Short said...

FAB cards Viv, they are all really great :0) I LOVE your colouring xx