Saturday 15 March 2008

No playing 'till later!

I'm off into town for some decoupage varnish for Pam that I should've got yesterday.
Then Hubby and I are off to see my youngest son's wedding venue this afternoon. It's at Adlington Hall's lodge in Macclesfield. It's just down the road from us, so thank heavens we won't have far to travel. Just as well, 'coz they are getting married on 2nd January!!!!OMG!!! Freezing!
Then when we get back, I can play!!!

Think I will do some more bronze ones. Kinda like the one I've posted, so I'll see where that theme takes me. ;)
Have a happy and crafty day everyone!


Handcrafted With Love said...

Good Morning Viv,
Many thanks for going into town especially for me this morning. I've just been looking around your blog ....... WoW you're really doing well and you've even managed to get the hang of the slideshow - well done.

Right I must dash now but i'll be back again later. :-))

Love Pam xx

Unknown said...

No probs Chip.:)

Pleased I've mastered the galleries and I can show you how to do it now.
I even think I can muster up a slideshow!!! ooh!!!!

Michelle Short said...

Glad to see you have got the hang of everything now, hope you had a lovely day at the venue today :0) x

Unknown said...

Thanks Michelle. Had a good
The venue is lovely. I'll find it on the web and post a link. xxx